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Please give what you can to help save tigers in Bangladesh
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If you want to donate


Please email us at and we will get back to you straight away

How will your money make a difference?


Our reason for being is to help make a brighter future for tigers, so we work really hard to make sure we get the most bang for your buck. We keep overheads as low as possible (our founding Chairman provides us office space in Dhaka) so that we can spend as much as possible on field activities.

Your money can help us work with the local communities to:


  • Combat tiger and deer poaching

  • Reduce the killing of tigers and other animals that stray into village areas

  • Reduce the local consumption of deer meat

  • Protect forest users from tiger attacks

Fundraise for the team
Would you like to give but don't have the funds yourself? Fundraising is a fun and inspiring way to help save wildlife. It is a way to make a big difference for nature and share your passion with your friends, family, and colleagues. Host a party, donate your birthday, cycle through Bangladesh on a rickshaw, or do something completely different.
Download our fundraising pack
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