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A network that guides learning around plastic waste for students who live alongside the Ganges.
This network is formed as part of the National Geographic Society’s “Sea to Source: Ganges” river expedition - a two-part expedition of the Ganges River that mobilized a global community of experts to use scientific research and education to help increase our understanding of plastic waste, motivate communities and seek creative solutions to curb the issue. During this expedition, researchers from the National Geographic Society, University of Dhaka and Wildlife Institute of India formed an education team that developed and conducted three education programs at three Bangladesh sites (Bhola, Chandpur and Rajbari) during October and November of 2019. WildTeam and the Isabela Foundation were implementing partners of these education programs. Teachers who would like to arrange their own education programs under this network are encouraged to contact us through the Noazesh Knowledge Centre. Teachers who join the network will receive soft copies of education materials (both Bangla and English versions) and get access to National Geographic Society's online resources.

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