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WildTeam Bangladesh (formerly called the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh) was started in 2003 by a small group of dedicated conservationists, with the aim of protecting the rapidly disappearing natural assets of Bangladesh. In 2012, the organisation's name was changed to WildTeam Bangladesh, giving a fresh new look that better represents our identity and way of doing things.
In 2011 we were honoured to be awarded the prestigious ‘Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation.


A future with more wildlife to enrich people’s lives and more wild places for the magnificent diversity of life on earth.


Improve the conservation status of key species and habitats in Bangladesh, and developing partnerships, tools, and platforms to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to carry out effective conservation.


We celebrate nature: We nurture people’s innate love for nature and we channel that love to achieve successful conservation results.
We believe people are the solution:  Human beings are innovative, adaptable, and passionate; every single one of us can be a game changer.
We ground everything we do in reality: Sometimes the reality of what we discover is challenging, but we never compromise on the truth.
We act fearlessly: Change can be daunting but we’re not afraid.  We are ambitious and dare to explore revolutionary ideas. 
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