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We measure the change we make by the wildlife, landscapes, and people we help

The WildTeam vision is a future with more wildlife to enrich people’s lives and more wild places for the magnificent diversity of life on earth.

Our mission is carrying out activities to improve the conservation status of key species and habitats in Bangladesh, and developing partnerships, tools, and platforms to build the capacity of organisations and individuals to carry out effective conservation.

We are changing the game for nature by reconnecting people and wildlife, bringing people together to work for a common purpose, and breaking down barriers that stand in the way of a wild and wonderful earth.

Right now we are concentrating our efforts in Bangladesh. Here the goal of our TigerTeam work is to see a Sundarbans packed full of tigers, in line with the vision of the Bangladesh Tiger Action Plan. To reach this goal we have three key activities Social change, Living with tigers, and Wild science.

Four objectives lead our way towards achieving this goal.

1. Build capacity in organisations and individuals to achieve increased conservation impact
2. Increase access to conservation knowledge for organisations and individuals and public support for conservation
3. Conduct and facilitate key research to support conservation strategy and management
4. Strengthen policy and regulatory initiatives to reduce threats to wildlife conservation

Core Values


We are guided by our four core values:

1. We celebrate nature

WildTeam is a vibrant organisation from a vibrant country. We have a passion for nature and we share it with others because we believe the best way to protect nature is to celebrate it. We nurture people’s innate love for nature and we channel that love to achieve successful conservation results.

2. We believe people are the solution

The vibrancy of Bangladesh’s natural spaces is matched only by the spirit of its people. By working together, we will succeed in our mission. Human beings are innovative, adaptable, and passionate; every single one of us can be a game changer.

3. We ground everything we do in reality

We rely on thorough research to guide our strategy and take care to really listen to what people have to say. That way our actions work not only today but into the future. Sometimes the reality of what we discover is challenging, but we never compromise on the truth.

4. We act fearlessly

Change can be daunting but we’re not afraid.  We are ambitious and dare to explore revolutionary ideas. We are at the cutting edge of everything we do.

Where we come from


WildTeam, formerly Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB), was established in 2003 by a small group of dedicated conservationists, with the aim of protecting the rapidly disappearing natural assets of Bangladesh. In 2012, the organisation's name was changed to WildTeam, giving a fresh new look that represents its identity and objectives in a better way. WildTeam is based in Bangladesh and governed by Bangladeshi board members. WildTeam also registered as a charity in England and Wales in 2012, to support the Bangladesh work and to create a base to help save tigers and other wildlife internationally. In 2013, WildTeam became a registered non-government organisation in Bangladesh under the NGO Affairs Bureau.

Today, WildTeam employs over 90 staff, many of which come direct from communities with whom we work to ensure we are working from within. We also work closely with the Bangladesh Forest Department and the Ministry of Environment and Forests to support them in their role as custodians of the country’s wildlife and wilderness.

Since establishment, WildTeam has been working to protect endangered species and their ecosystems in Bangladesh, including the Hoolock Gibbon of northeastern region, the elephants of north, central and the southeast, the bears of northeast, southeast, north and central regions; and the birds of northeastern haors and coastal areas. WildTeam has also been involved in identifying and learning from community-based conservation groups via our Community Conserved Areas assessment in the northeast, north, central and southeast. This is all part of our wish to access the wealth of community knowledge that already exists and which often holds the key to nature conservation success.

In 2008, WildTeam merged with the Sundarbans Tiger Project (STP) which is currently known as TigerTeam initiative, a joint initiative of the University of Minnesota (UMN) and the Bangladesh Forest Department. Since then, WildTeam has worked predominantly in the Sundarbans mangrove forest ecosystem, home to the Royal Bengal Tiger: a flagship species for the ecosystem and symbol of pride for Bangladesh. Currently, WildTeam is leading the implementation of USAID’s Bengal Tiger Conservation Activity, under the guidance of the Forest Department, and with technical support from the Smithsonian Institution and Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies (BCAS).
In recognition of conservation efforts in Bangladesh, WildTeam was honoured to be awarded the prestigious ‘Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation’ in 2011.

The Big Plan


We are currently guided by our 10 year plan which contains a situational analysis, theory of change, objectives and indicators.

Our achievements to date were accomplished by our team of specialists working directly with conservation teams worldwide. This year and on-wards, we are continuing this work.

Annual reports
Coming soon!


Our Annual reports will give you a more detailed look into the rationale behind our work and how we are progressing against our Big plan.

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